About Stalking

As part of the Estate's continuing policy of protecting and nurturing the environment and habitat, it is necessary to cull a certain number of red deer from the herd each year. This is to ensure that a strong bloodline remains, and to prevent overcrowding and starvation.

The stalking is considered to be some of the finest in Scotland and offers breath-taking panoramas from each of the five beats encompassing Northern Ireland to the south and Ben Lomond and the southern Hebrides to the north.

The Deer Fence

A deer fence keeps the deer on the more mountainous terrain and runs along the coast above the agricultural and woodland areas before heading across the island at Machrie. The majority of the uplands are a mix of grasses and heather and the Estate tweed incorporates both of these aspects. It was designed in 1974 by Stephen Gibbs and the original bolts were produced by Haggarts of Aberfeldy.

Stalking is available for stags from the end of August until the 20th October and hind stalking from 21st October to the 15th February. Please contact the Estate Office for further details.