Historic Caricatures at Dougarie Boathouse 

A series of historic caricatures were drawn directly onto the walls of Dougarie Boathouse in about 1890. Over 130 years have passed and the Boathouse has since had a new lease of life, following its extensive renovation in 2020. Two of the historic caricatures are still there now.

Let’s take a look at the artist and history behind them.

History of the Boathouse

Dougarie Boathouse, located on Dougarie Estate, was designed in the 1880s by esteemed Scottish Edwardian, JJ Barnett. It is a B-listed building and was designed for the 11th Duke of Hamilton for launching boats and entertaining guests who were staying at the Lodge. Notable guests included Prince Rainer of Monaco and his sister Princess Antoinette, who would spend many of their childhood Summers there in the early 1900s.

Historic caricatures at Dougarie Boathouse

A series of caricatures were drawn directly onto the walls of the Boathouse in about 1890. According to Architectural Historian Jeremy Musson, most of them were drawn by an Italian artist, Liberio ‘Lib’ Prosperi. They depicted the sporting life of Dougarie and included caricatures of gamekeepers, ghillies, the factor, and the local minister, along with members of the family and their guests.

Who was Prosperi?

Prosperi was an artist for Vanity Fair from the 1860s to 1890s. Two of the sketch portraits originally in the Boathouse were in a different style, and are said to be by ‘Spy’, another Vanity Fair cartoonist. 

What is The Dougarie Boathouse like now?

The Dougarie Boathouse has now had an extensive refurbishment, giving it a new lease of life. A lot of love and hard work went into restoring this iconic listed building back to its full glory. The Boathouse has become an amazing venue and that’s thanks to our incredible team.

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